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  • me: illegally downloads album
  • me: digitally buys album
  • me: buys regular album
  • me: buys limited edition album
  • me: buys target edition album
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don’t talk about the elephant in the room talk TO the elephant in the room.  harold has feelings

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Track: UnknownNo One's Here To Sleep (Feat. Bastille)
Artist: UnknownNaughty Boy
Album: UnknownHotel Cabana
Played: 2172 times


(Song played at the endscene of How To Get Away With Murder; 1x4 “Let’s get to scooping.”

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me when someone pulled old receipts of my fav being problematic 




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  • Fill ice cube tray with milk
  • Cover with plastic wrap
  • Place toothpicks in each space
  • In a few hours you’ll have gross milk pops, you dumb asshole
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